The project: Spread the idea!

Spread the idea!

Free Catalonia (historical): During the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) while Fascist forces fought against the legitimate Republican goverment, in New York the "Comitè d'Acció per Catalunya", was created. Once Franco, the dictator, pronounced victory, the Second World War had started (1939-1945). The Comitee became Free Catalonia, who made many contacts with the US federal goverment and other American goverments to obtain support for the Catalan issue. Among all initiatives, there was the submission for the appeal in 1945 at the UN denouncing the Catalan situation.
Document of the Catalan case in United Nations (UN).

Free Catalonia (actual): We try to converge under the same brand modernity, creativity and freshness who reunited the best Catalan designers, artists and publicists from the beginning of the 20th century. If the war against Fascism would have been won as was the poster war, today Catalonia might be in the foremost position in graphic design. We invest all our proceedings to spread the message of freedom and liberty around the world.

Action: Under this brand we try to explain the Catalan desire to become a free and recognized nation.

Reaction: The products will provide a message of freedom with style.

Commitment with the territory: All our products are proudly made in Catalonia: the T-shirts are tinted and printed in Terrassa and in Mataró we finalize the units and arrange all quality controls.

We hope you like our idea. Do not hesitate: contact us and be part of the project!

Action + Reaction + Modernity
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