On Saturday, 10/19/14 over 1300 riders will be at the Circuit de Catalonia to the center of Barcelona to demand independence of Catalonia

The organization search display in a well attended support from the motorcycle industry the process of independence of Catalonia .

The event will begin at 8 am with a rally at the Circuit de Catalonia to begin after a joint march to the city center .

Fill the mask of heaven ! Learns that the world is !

Web link: Motorada.cat



A picture with our Macià president can already see in the new Joel Joan serie of Catalan Tv, El Crac

The re-design we made our President Macia appearing on Catalan television. 

The design is part of our overall project to explain who we are and what we want around the Catalans. 

We hope you like the idea;-)

Link to crack Series



This September 11th we made ​​history!

This day 1.8 million people according to the police have formed a V 11 kilometers along the main streets of Barcelona. 

This popular event in the world wants to make clear the desire of Catalan Vote and win. 

We vote on a referendum on November 9 that Spain does not allow. 

What is clear is that democracy will win! And Catalonia is free.



We hope our Pop Store 11 September Enitats Fair held in Barcelona on Passeig Lluís Companys

We are in the tent nº104



London, New York, Paris and Brussels add to the eighty cities hosting international routes to Independence

Assemblies Catalan Affairs of the Catalan National Assembly (ANC) continue the campaign to internationalize the Catalan Way in 2014, the big V for independence organized by Now is the time on Eleventh of September in Barcelona. 

This summer 85 V must be organized around the world during this summer.

#VoteCatalonia Web Campaign



Mark all

This year it is important to trace around. In order to run our cause we have a lot of stamps to mark everything up ... where you bring your imagination ... 

That resonates everywhere: Catalonia independent state and Spain steals us

For any order that you receive one of these free stamps, then use them! Mark all!



Keith Martin Macusa magazine has received material from our group, and already looks!

As good promoters of the idea that we are free Catalonia has been sent to the member magazine Macusa an article in this publication referring to the Catalan flag and the flag ... Starry Starry, a book published by one of our members explaining the history teaches independence and a t-shirt in our group. 

Thank you Keith! We spread the idea!



Recovery of ancient Symbols: Today at 12 Noon been presented at the Museum of the History of Catalonia, a Black Flag certified and approved by the most learned in the field

The Black Flag certified today at the Museum of the History of Catalonia, wearing a white saltire cross over the center field black, with the addition of five-pointed star to the right side and aligned in parallel along the blade height and its vertex. The Creuque inspired by the thought of the martyrdom of Saint Eulalia, patron of Barcelona.

The black field is the same as the historic "Black Flag", sign in Catalonia has been raised several times in history and, despite not represent any institution or military regiment, has been used for some of these . Thanks to the design used two V glimpse into her, and the other one of Victoria Vote V in addition to the side where you see the star that has the shape of the triangle and star flag independence.

Retrieve symbols and modernize them!

Information campaign website



Jaume Lara and his project The Train Specialist already have our support

If you search youtube channel videos James Lara, The Train Specialist, you will see some interesting footage which explains step by step making train trips. Do not miss out! Especially see the Serra de Tramuntana in Mallorca where well-equipped with a T-shirt from ours.

Link to video The Train Specialist Serra de Tramuntana



An advertisement that promotes the independence of Catalonia wins a prize of Spanish Tv

An ad produced by four students of the degree in Advertising and Public Relations Faculty of Communication at the UPF Barcelona won the prize awarded by the Miramar advisory center in Sant Cugat RTVE, chosen by the Catalan Parliament. 

The fact that this work has won Evaluate for aesthetics and not by missatge- has caused great distress to the direction of Spanish public channel.

Link to the video


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