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"Catalans Want to vote" felt the cry of the 9N in Europe

Eight European cities, Barcelona, ​​Berlin, Brussels, Geneva, Lisbon, London, Paris and Rome have lived Sunday castellera simultaneous action that has heard the cry of 9N Europe. Action "Catalans Want to vote - Human towers for Democracy" has internationalized the Catalan case, with 46 replicas Catalan towns like Santiago, Montreal and Pamplona (Navarra). The action has been successful elsewhere, raised a total of more than 70 castles and the participation of 5,000 towers (Photo Gallery Photo Gallery Europe and various cities).

A sponsor has accompanied the performance castellera every European capital and read the manifesto of the day "Catalans Want to vote"

At 12 am Alexanderplatz Berlin, sponsored by the coach Pep Guardiola boys for Granollers made 5 of 7. A Grand Place in Brussels, sponsored by actor Sergi Lopez, Castellers Villefranche have raised 3 of 8. A Place des Nations in Geneva and sponsored by actor John Mompart, the Children Reus made 4 of 7. Torre de Belem in Lisbon, sponsored by playwright Helder Costa, the Sants towers have raised 3 of 8. Tower Bridge in London and sponsored by the historian Paul Preston, the League of Young Children Valls has made 5 of 7. At the Champ de Mars in Paris, with the Eiffel Tower sponsored by the musician Jordi Savall, Children of Colla Vella de Valls has made 4 of 8. Finally, the square Giancola Rome, the Bordegassos of Vilanova made 4 of 7.

Link to campaign website in English



An article signed by the design expert Keith Martin, appears in the July issue of British magazine Mac User

Whenever I found fascinating flags from a graphic design standpoint. In fact, the graphic identity of their countries, the visual cue of a group. ' So begins Keith Martin, the July issue of the British magazine Computer Macusa, article 'Raising the Standard' dedicated to discuss a new design flag 'that has been very present lately:' It is not exactly new, but part of a movement that may well end up with the emergence of a new independent state or, rather, reemergent. '

Keith Martin echoes the hypothesis which states that the formation of the U.S. flag from an evolution of the four bars Catalan English took that as a model for laCompanyia British East India. Interestingly, adds the design of the American flag secessionist model was then many other flags, such as Puerto Rico and Cuba, which in turn inspired the Catalan Starry, the first third of the twentieth century.

'In terms of branding, the starry design is exceptionally powerful than the Spanish flag officer. This may seem insignificant in political terms, but very helpful when used as pull. '

Well, you know what we found out from Keith in our struggle for freedom. If you want to contact him write to his Twitter: @ thatkeith

Link to Vilaweb electronic newspaper that echoed the news



Balaguer designer Eduard Calvís presents his project: *DEMOKRÄT

Jordi Calvís hits him with his design of urn and of idea of democracy.

Very good work!

Link to the web of Antaviana, the Jordi Calvís company.



We congratulate the work of the Assembly. Already have the Giga-photo.

You can find the link of the famous Giga-photo where appear the million and half Catalans that take part in this historical event, the past 11 of September at 17:14

Giga-photo link



The Catalan Artist @arnau_torrente presents a project about Self-determination

Excelent The work of this artist.

Go to the link and will be able to see more his works.

Design + Modernity

Link to the web of the artist



Ours fellow of the National Collective of Scotland edit his first 'zine

The collective of designers and creators in favour of the independence of Scotland edit his first 'zine.

We happen you the link in order to that you can do the order.

In Catalonia would be very good that the creative and designers do the same.

We normalise everything!

'zine National Collective zine



Today stars the campaign: Catalan spring starts at 17:14h

Today 21 of March begins the campaign: Catalan spring starts at 17:14h
Under this name our team will organise all a followed of actions to explain here and all over of a modern and fun way for that are the Catalans.
Help us.
Freedom is the message.



La botiga l'Arqueta d Bisbe, de la Bisbal de l'Empordà (Baix Empordà), trobareu tot el nostre material

Si sou de l'Empordà i esteu interessats en el nostre material no deixeu de visitar la botiga l'Arqueta d Bisbe.

Situada a la Bisbal d´Empordà.

La seva adreça és: Alta Riera, 3

I el seu horari: Dilluns tarda de 17:00 a 20:00h / Dimarts a dissabte: 10:00 a 13:30h i de 17:00 a 20:00h.

No us ho penseu, acosteu-s'hi.

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Pete Seeger is death

Repose in peace

We shall overcome!


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