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Black Flag
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* The Black Flag is certified and patented by 'Fundació Reeixida'. © All rights reserved.

Black Flag certified at the Catalan History Museum (Museu d’Història de Catalunya) and approved by vexillologist Josep Porter-Moix and the historical recreation artist Francesc Riart.

The flag has a white Cross in the centre on a black backdrop. In addition it has a white five-pointed star (on the pole side), allignment in a parallel form on the pole side. It is on the same level as the vertex.

The Cross is inspired by the martyrdom cross of Saint Eulalie (Santa Eulàlia), co-patron saint of Barcelona. It already figures on the historical Standard which has been officially adopted by Barcelona city hall and by Coronel·la, a historical recreation association.

It also has ribbons to tie it to the flagpole at either end of the flag.