Flag - Standard Estelada

Starred flag (57cm x 35cm) for motorcycle
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Handcrafted 100% in Catalonia. Edited with the standard proportions for triangle, bars and star. Its correct design is guaranteed by www.estelada.cat.

The first news we have of the separatist flag goes back to a photograph taken in 1908. It came along with an accompanying text. As of 1918, Vicenç Albert Ballester began to use the flag with its current design.

By way of the work carried out by the Estelada Centenary Commission to explain its origins and those involved in its genesis, in 2008 140 Catalan town and city halls displayed the flag on their official flagpoles. The cities of Vic, Barcelona and Girona also have dedicated squares to the creator of the flag, Vicenç Albert Ballester.