Self-determination movement through their stickers

Self-determination movement through their stickers
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Difon la idea! (spread the idea)is a book on the history of the Esquerra Independentista in Països Catalans (1969-2019) through its stickers. The work brings together the graphic memory of a diverse and plural political movement, from the founding of the PSAN (1968-1969), the anti-repression struggle after the raid against pro-independence activists, to the arrests following protests against the ruling political prisoners and prisoners (2019). The book contains 1,090 stickers in the original color and thematically grouped in the main struggles in which the Independentist Left has participated throughout its history.

Author: Jordi Padró, Martí Puig and Pep Garcia
Language: Catalan
ISBN: 9788418580154
Edited by: Pol.len Edicions
Year: 2021
Pages: 292
Collection: De l&aposull al dit
Genre: Historical memory Graphic design
Format: 25.5 x 23.5 cm
Carbon footprint (CO2 eq.): 3,244 grams
Price: 25 € (VAT included)
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