Rellotge 1-O clock Bandera Negra

Rellotge 1-O clock Bandera Negra
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Commemorative watch of 1-O 2017 with the Black Flag, it is delivered with the black belt and a yellow belt is attached as a support to our leaders who have been imprisioned. Engraved on the cover, the text "Don Perficiam", (Latin phrase that means "never give up") and that was the motto of the Royal Catalan Guards in the War of the Succession, and "the streets will always be ours" together with the Senyera and the Black Flag.

The black flag was taken by Almogavars and was adopted by Barcelona during the War of the Succession to make it clear that they would resist until the last consequences and that they would never surrender. In 2014, the "Successful Foundation" produced a newer version adding the white star and the cross of Santa Eulàlia, patron saint of the city of Barcelona.

Dial designed with the Black Flag.
Clock with quartz movement with drums.
Nylon strap in black.
Yellow replacement strap.
Mineral glass
Resistant to water limited: you can wash your hands, but can not swim or shower.
Stainless steel back cover.

Thickness of the box: 7.5 mm
Diameter of the box: 40 mm
Strap width: 20 mm
Length of the strap: 26 cm
Cover: Stainless steel
Price: 35 € (VAT included)
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